"Живопись - подвиг преодоления заброшенности и выход к истории всех людей"   


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  "Boumerang" 200x259 mix 1994


 "Adam" 272x162 1995


"Un jeu" 100x100 2013

"The market" 1988


"Jour de naisance de lettre" 146x114 2008



“Intruder or confidant, informer or inventor, the painter immobilizes legendary images, binding sound

and fury. Youri Jarki makes use of a strange assemblage of finds and inventions obliging the spectator

to look carefully, for a long time, as if upon entering into some infernal carousel.

Memories and clichés of our everyday world are mingled with masks and evens of ancient or

contemporary history on a background of screaming colors. A fantastic telescoping of forms, an

immesurable out-burst of noise produce so many moments of poetic exaltation and inner


Jean-Marie Tasset

“When he was forty years old, Youri Jarki found a personal style with his “new icons” reconnecting

him both to Byzantium and to the existentialist mysticism of Russians such as Berdiaeff, Rozanov and

Dostoyevsky. A style all his own, it resists being monopolized.

A native of a crucified country, Jarki’s message transcends borders… Large drops of light, the alveoli

are transformed into so many anonymous, worried and mute faces: the story of a single destiny opens

up onto the whole of History.

It is then that we understand the reason for the innumerable craquelures forming the plot work of

each canvas. Cracks of time, arborescent filaments, covering layers, genealogical strati: the dribbles

of oil and acrylic contribute to squaring off the space. Retracted, the chromatic scheme can appear as

a refuge but also as a gossamery trap. Henceforth an organic fabric, the space becomes a body: a

suffering body indeed, but also a living body. What were heretofore witnesses, oval faces and pupils’

rotundities change into just as many cells, eggs, and dynamic embryos.”

Murielle Gagnebin


“As for the style that Youri Jarki developed, we might say that it is a combination of figurative and

surrealist art, from which very strange beings that inhabit this earth are born, seen as they would be

if subjected to the inquisitorial eye of a supreme being other that of their Creator”

Christian Germak


"The artist does not attempt to please us with his paintings. He is direct and somewhat merciless in

his interpretations. Jarkikh wants us to reflect on our daily experiences and mind set. He invites us to

enter into a dialogue with him... We are asked to view the facets of traditional mythological and

biblical themes with a contemporize perspective. Jarkikh refutes clichés and offers new answers to the

eternal questions: "Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?"

V. Pilipenko


“Moreover, and most especially, down deep, Youri Jarki has the humanity of the greatest of the great,

the humility of those who know that everything is relative and everything is temporary, except for

death and ideal love. This does not prevent him from seeking success. Yet if he paints, it is above all to

exist in his own eyes and to search his point of departure which is located somewhere beyond the

human horizon”.

Patrice de la Perriere